Introducing The New Training Goals

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You asked, we answered! The Volt Family has been requesting workout plans outside our proven Sport Performance programs, and today we’re proud to announce that they finally are here. 

That’s right—Volt isn’t just for sport athletes anymore. Now, whether you’re training for your occupation or just to look and feel better, Volt will build a structured workout plan to help you achieve the results you’re after. Our two brand-new training tracks, Strength & Fitness and Tactical Readiness, are the result of the thoughtful feedback we’ve been hearing from our Volt Family and we couldn’t be more excited for you to try them out.

Volt’s new training goals allow you to select from sport PERFORMANCE, strength and fitness, and tactical readiness depending on what your training goals are.

Volt’s new training goals allow you to select from sport PERFORMANCE, strength and fitness, and tactical readiness depending on what your training goals are.


Why It’s a Big Deal

Volt programs have always been based on the exercise science and research used to prepare athletes for competition. And for athletes, it’s all about the plan. Unlike fitness apps that randomly generate unconnected workouts, Volt takes a long-term approach to physical improvement. Each Volt workout builds on the last to intentionally progress athletes toward their goals—and now we’ve taken the same approach for people who aren’t necessarily preparing for competition.

Everything our users love most about Volt—the structure and accountability of the plan, the personalization of workouts, the weights and reps planned for you by our AI, and the time-saving relief of not having to plan your own workouts—is now available for anyone training for a goal. 


Choose Your Training Focus

Strength & Fitness

With our brand-new Strength & Fitness programs, you can build lean muscle, lose fat, and feel fitter than ever. Choose from three main goals to find the perfect plan for you (and see results fast).

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Weight Loss

Our new Weight Loss programs are balanced plans that focus on the movements and activities you need to lose weight and feel more energetic. These gym-based programs incorporate strength training with cardio circuits designed to get your heart rate up while keeping workouts fresh and fun. As you train, you’ll boost your metabolism and burn more calories at rest with increased muscle over time. Unlike the Lean and Toned programs (see below), Weight Loss programs include one aerobic-dominant workout per week, where you’ll be doing bodyweight exercises (like squats and jumping jacks) for time. And for users wanting to work out at home, you can easily swap out exercises to fit your available equipment, no matter where you’re training.


Lean and Toned

With these intense workout plans, you’ll build lean muscles while burning fat to get an athletic look, fast. Our Lean and Toned programs cycle through three important training phases: 1) build muscle, 2) get stronger, and 3) burn fat/build stamina (then repeat!). These phases challenge the body in different ways, keeping workouts varied and fun while delivering amazing results. All Lean and Toned workouts incorporate strength exercises, but unlike the Strength and Size programs (see below), Lean and Toned programs include Muscular Endurance blocks to incorporate gym-based cardio circuits that will leave your muscles burning, in the best way.


Strength and Size

If your goal is to gain functional muscle size and strength, the Strength and Size programs are your secret weapon in the gym. With a concentrated emphasis on specific muscle groups each day—and targeted mobility work to improve your results in each strength exercise—these programs challenge your body to build new muscle tissue quickly and safely. Strength and Size follows an effective cycle through increasingly challenging training blocks that focus on 1) building lean muscle mass, and 2) stimulating new muscle fibers to gain strength. This cycle optimizes your ability to get bigger and stronger, without over-training or plateauing.

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Tactical Readiness

Unlike athletes who train to peak at a specific time (the start of a sport season), first responders and military personnel need to be physically prepared at ALL times. Volt’s brand-new Military, Fire & Rescue, and Law Enforcement programs prioritize physical readiness, injury prevention movements, and equipment flexibility to help people who need strength and stamina for their jobs get fit for duty.

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Volt’s new Military programs are designed to help soldiers and military personnel build the functional strength and stamina they need to pass the new Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) and stay combat-ready at all times. The ACFT represents a huge shift in the way we train soldiers for duty—no longer just push-ups and sit-ups, this test requires strength in specific movements (including deadlifts and med ball throws) as well as running speed and stamina. Volt’s Military programs are built to meet the demands of the ACFT, while incorporating critical injury prevention movements to help our soldiers stay healthy in the field.


Fire & Rescue

In our new Fire & Rescue programs, training is focused on building the strength and work capacity that make the difference in the most critical moments of the job. Workouts are designed to help eliminate asymmetries in strength that can lead to imbalance and injury, while improving total-body strength overall. But the training doesn’t just focus on strength—these programs also incorporate specific shoulder and hip mobility movements to increase resilience to common injuries, keeping firefighters, medics, and first responders safe on the ground.


Law Enforcement

The Law Enforcement programs build the strength and stamina necessary to handle the challenges of all the environments officers encounter in their day. Designed to develop a resilience to the demands of the job, these programs help build the total-body strength and constant readiness required in the field. Officers will train to develop resilience to high-intensity demands, while improving their ability to recover efficiently. And with a targeted focus on mobility and soft tissue work, Volt’s Law Enforcement programs help build the durability officers need to mitigate injury and get the job done.


Sport Performance

And, of course, you can always find the very best training to take your game to the next level with professional strength & conditioning for your sport. Build the right combo of strength, power, and endurance to dominate on the field, court, track, or wherever you compete. Choose from 40+ sports, from Football to Combat Sports and more...

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Try The New Programs

Want to check out one of the new programs? Go into Settings > Edit Training Program > choose whichever training goal you’re looking to try! We always recommend switching programs on a Sunday, so you don’t lose any progress mid-week.

Questions? Reach out to our friendly support team at 24/7.


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Christye Estes, CSCS, is one of the regular contributors to the Volt blog. She is an NSCA-certified strength coach and the Head of Training Experience at Volt.
Learn more about Christye and read her other posts | @CoachChristye