The NSCA Foundations of Coaching Lifts Course, Powered by Volt



When we first learned of the NSCA’s initiative to create a hands-on course for coaches, we immediately knew how much value it could add to coaches and athletes in the Volt Family. We’re proud to partner with the NSCA to power this course and offer a discount to all Volt coaches! Learning how to properly coach these lifts will help equip you to be an even better coach to your athletes, and we think that’s pretty cool.


The Foundations of Coaching Lifts Course

From Scott Caulfield, Head Strength Coach, NSCA

Here at the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), we are passionate about advancing the strength and conditioning profession around the world. Part of that mission involves providing education pathways for those who want to learn the scientific principles behind safe and effective strength and conditioning. We all know that teaching athletes how to safely and properly perform strength training movements is key to success in a quality S&C program—but what about inexperienced strength coaches, sport coaches, physical education teachers, or those who may lack the formal training that should be a precursor to hands-on coaching but are still involved in supervising weight rooms? 

The gap between theoretical expertise and practical application is one that the NSCA has been trying to solve for years—which is why I’m excited to announce the NSCA’s new Foundations of Coaching Lifts course! This course was created by experienced NSCA strength and conditioning coaches to provide practical, hands-on education that coaches need to properly teach their athletes how to safely execute foundational strength training movements. 

The Foundations of Coaching Lifts course is comprised of online, self-paced learning modules followed by two days of in-person and hands-on, active learning. Coaching course attendees must pass both a written and performance-based assessment to obtain a course certificate of completion. Since the Foundations of Coaching Lifts course is sponsored by our partners at Volt, Volt Family coaches will receive a 50% discount on registration.

Coaches Who Complete This Course Will:

  • Understand the anatomical, physiological, and safety concepts and terms related to the squat, bench press, push press, and power clean (“lifts”). 
  • Understand the utility and application of lifts. 
  • Instruct lifters in proper exercise technique and use of progressions. 
  • Identify technique errors in the performance of lifts.
  • Use coaching cues to improve lifters’ performance of lifts.

If you want to gain more practical experience on teaching correct strength training technique—and be taught in person by a highly experienced, CSCS-certified strength coaches—I highly encourage you to attend a course. The courses are being held all over the U.S. and provide a one-of-a-kind opportunity for you to become a more effective coach in the weight room. 


How to Register

Click here to go to the Foundation of Coaching Lifts course registration page. Be sure to use the promo code “FCLVOLT” at checkout for your 50% Volt Family Discount!

Dan Giuliani, MSAL, CSCS, RSCC, is a regular contributor to the Volt blog. He is a certified strength coach, a co-founder of Volt Athletics, and an adjunct professor of Sports Performance at the University of Washington.
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