New Volt Feature: Periodization


Here at Volt HQ we are continually using feedback from the Volt Family to fuel new innovations in Volt’s intelligent training technology. We’ve recently made an update to the Volt app that we think you’re going to love!

One of the coolest things about Volt is that your training isn’t a series of random, standalone workouts: each training session is part of a strategic, long-term plan. And the underlying science behind your personalized plan is a concept called “periodization.”


Periodization is a method of scientifically organizing your training to produce the best results at the right time. Now, when you tap your week navigation bar (indicating your training block, like Hypertrophy Week 3 of 3), you’ll find a detailed description of your periodized training plan. Here's what it looks like: 


The interactive periodization chart walks you through each week and training block of your custom plan, helping you see the science behind what makes your program so effective.

We’ve got more features up our sleeves, so stay tuned for more updates!


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Christye Estes, CSCS, is one of the regular contributors to the Volt blog. She is an NSCA-certified strength coach and a Sport Performance Specialist at Volt.
Learn more about Christye and read her other posts | @CoachChristye