Announcing: 3 New Features in Volt's Intelligent Training App

We are proud to announce our latest release of updates to Volt's intelligent training app! We’ve listened to your feedback and made some pretty huge improvements to the app and added new functionality to give you even more information about how you’re performing.

Readiness Questionnaire

Factors like sleep quality and your stress level can influence the quality of your workouts, so we've added a pre-workout readiness questionnaire. When you open your workout, you will now be prompted to rate these factors on a 1-to-5 scale before you start training.

Rest Timer

Rest between sets is important, but many athletes struggle with timing their rest correctly. We have added an automatic rest timer inside the workout to help you time your rest between sets!

Workout Summary

After you complete a Volt workout, you will now see a complete visual summary of your training session, including a breakdown of the movements performed, total sets completed, total tonnage lifted, and a summary of your readiness questionnaire. It gives you a ton of data about your workouts, and looks pretty cool!


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Dan Giuliani, MSAL, CSCS, RSCC, is a regular contributor to the Volt blog. He is a certified strength coach, a co-founder of Volt Athletics, and an adjunct professor of Sports Performance at the University of Washington.
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