Volt: The Intelligent Training App for Athletes

The mission behind Volt Athletics from Day 1 has been to make elite-level strength and conditioning accessible to all athletes worldwide. And I am proud to announce that we have recently taken huge strides toward achieving that goal.  

Since we launched Volt in 2011, our research-based strength training has been available exclusively to athletes on high school, college, and professional teams. The feedback we’ve received from Volt coaches and athletes has been overwhelmingly positive: Volt is truly making a difference for teams across the country! Here’s a glimpse of what we’ve been hearing from our Volt Family:

To continue pursuing our mission and pushing the industry forward, we’ve invested heavily in our technology and sport performance resources to allow more athletes—and not just team athletes—access to high-caliber training. Now, the technology that has brought so much success to teams is available for individual athletes.

That’s why I’m so excited to be able to announce the arrival of Volt: The Intelligent Training App for Athletes

Now every athlete, anywhere in the world, has access to individualized elite-level training. It's a huge milestone for our company, and marks a significant shift in the Health and Fitness technology sector. 

Volt is the first training app designed specifically for athletes. There are over 165,000 Health and Fitness apps out there, and none can do what Volt does. Instead of counting steps or calories, Volt creates a personalized training plan specifically for you, complete with unique workouts designed to progress and evolve with you. 

Athletes don’t need random workouts—they need a strategic training plan to help them reach their performance goals. Volt builds that plan and delivers it right to your phone. Each training session is mapped out for you, down to exactly how much to lift in each exercise, to help you maximize your full potential. 

No more pulling random workouts out of magazines, sticking with the same stale routine, or defaulting to the elliptical. Each prescribed training session is the right workout for you, every time.

Whether you are a recreational soccer player, a weekend tennis player, or occasional marathon runner, Volt is now for YOU! If you want to train for sport performance, we have you covered.

Join over 100,000 coaches and athletes using Volt's intelligent training app. For more information, click here.


Dan Giuliani, MSAL, CSCS, RSCC, is a regular contributor to the Volt blog. He is a certified strength coach, a co-founder of Volt Athletics, and an adjunct professor of Sports Performance at the University of Washington.
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