The Future of Volt

BIG things are happening here at Volt HQ!

Over the last 2+ years, my team here at Volt has been dedicated to delivering awesome strength training to athletes worldwide. In doing so, we have received a lot of great feedback from our Volt Family of strength coaches, sport coaches, athletes, athletic trainers, administrators, and more. We listened to your comments, your complaints, and your suggestions. And we took action. For the last year, while teams have been winning championships while training on our original Volt platform, our rock-star team of software developers has been working behind the scenes to construct the V2 Platform: a much-anticipated, groundbreaking technology that continues to push the limits of what digital training systems can be. The result is a simple and beautiful user interface, brand-new platform functionality and unprecedented customization features—all backed by the same solid strength and conditioning expertise you’ve come to expect from Volt. We are proud to introduce you, our Volt Family, to next big thing in sport performance technology: the Volt V2 Platform.

There is a lot to love about V2—but allow me to highlight my top 3 favorite new features. I’ll leave it up to you to discover the rest for yourselves.



Based on user feedback, we improved the look, the feel, and the handling of the Volt experience. We reimagined what Volt technology could do, then built V2 from the ground-up, putting you, the user, front and center. The result is a bigger, stronger, and more powerful platform with a sleek new look. We thought about how you navigate your training calendar, manage your roster, and interact with your training program. We reconsidered the logic behind the platform’s organization, and prioritized usability in the design. V2 is smarter. More polished. Nimble. And it’s ready to make your training even more effective.


Quality training programs have always been at the heart of Volt Athletics, and we are taking our programming game to the next level with overhauled program design. We took our groundbreaking training calendar technology apart, inspected and scrubbed each concept, spent hours poring over the latest sport science research, and put it all back together in a reconstructed periodization scheme. Training seasons are now properly named as “phases” and our old phases are now “blocks,” to better communicate the ideas behind periodization. And we’ve added a few brand-new blocks to the calendar, so look for those to spice up your periodization.

And our delivery of the training is cleaner, richer—leading to a more robust training experience for our Volt Family. Higher-quality movement images become animated demonstrations at the hover of a mouse or the tap of a finger, enabling better execution of each lift. And the Volt mobile app brings the Volt training experience right to the palm of your hand, allowing coaches and athletes to go truly paperless in the weight room (just keep iPhones away from heavy bumper plates!).


As a strength coach, my favorite new feature of V2 is—hands down—its flexibility. I founded Volt four years ago with the vision of bringing elite-level strength and conditioning to athletes everywhere and we built our original V1 Platform to achieve that vision. But although our CSCS-certified sport performance specialists carefully design each program under the guidance of the Volt Athletics Advisory Board of expert strength coaches, at the end of the day, each athlete has different needs and training programs should be modified accordingly. Hello, V2.

Athletes on the same team can now train on different programs within the V2 Platform, all seamlessly managed by their coaches through the new V2 user interface. So baseball pitchers can train on a pitching-specific program that emphasizes a greater pull-to-push movement ratio, while the rest of team trains on a different plan. Or your freshman football players can train with more conservative movement progressions than your experienced seniors. Coaches can also swap movements in and out of ANY training program to accommodate equipment availability, injuries, or simply movement preference. With V2, every training session is ultimately in the hands of each coach and athlete—because every Volt program is now YOUR PROGRAM.

(L-R) Volt Co-Founder Trevor Watkins, Volt Advisory Board Chairman Boyd Epley, and Volt Co-Founder Dan Giuliani.

(L-R) Volt Co-Founder Trevor Watkins, Volt Advisory Board Chairman Boyd Epley, and Volt Co-Founder Dan Giuliani.

V2 also takes the training calendar to a new level of customization. With an improved algorithm and more powerful technology, your periodization scheme changes dynamically as you adjust your calendar. Unload weeks and vacation off-days can be inserted anywhere into your training calendar without diminishing the effectiveness of your periodized program. V2 knows how to work around your unique schedule to design the most optimized training calendar for your athletes. This truly is customization on a different spectrum.

V2 delivers training that is more individualized, customized, and optimized than ever before. Our Volt Family told us they wanted more tools to make the training truly their own, and that’s what we’ve engineered V2 to deliver. Thanks for all your awesome feedback—we can't wait to hear what you think of V2!

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Dan Giuliani, MSAL, CSCS, RSCC, is a regular contributor to the Volt blog. He is a certified strength coach, a co-founder of Volt Athletics, and an adjunct professor of Sports Performance at the University of Washington.
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