Volt Athletics Appoints Strength Coach Legend Boyd Epley as the Chair of the Inaugural Volt Athletics Advisory Board

Seattle, WA – Tuesday, December 16, 2014: Volt Athletics Inc., the global leader in technology solutions for sport performance training, announced today that Boyd Epley, Founder of the National Strength and Conditioning Association, has been appointed the Chair of the Volt Athletics Advisory Board.

“This is a seminal moment for Volt Athletics, and it means a tremendous amount to the Volt team to have Coach Epley behind us,” said Dan Giuliani, Co-Founder and CEO of Volt Athletics. “After becoming the first strength coach over 40 years ago, he has continued to be an industry pioneer throughout his career. As such, Coach Epley is a natural fit to help Volt Athletics achieve its goal of bringing affordable, elite-level training to athletes everywhere.”

Boyd Epley, MEd, CSCS*D, FNSCA, RSCC*E, is the most decorated strength coach of all time. He engineered the famed “Husker Power” program at the University of Nebraska in 1969, and served as Nebraska’s head strength coach for 35 years. In 1978, Epley founded the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), serving as the organization’s first President and Chairman of the Board of Directors. For his career-long contributions to the athletics industry, Epley was recently awarded the coveted 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award by the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition.

“Throughout my career, I have been committed to advancing the industry and helping coaches build champions,” said Epley. “The technology behind Volt empowers the industry to take a giant leap forward towards reaching those goals. Volt connects all coaches and athletes with strength and conditioning expertise, enabling more athletes to train at a higher level than ever before. Volt is changing the future of strength and conditioning and I am excited to join the team.”

Epley’s contributions to the athletics industry are well-renowned. He is considered the “Godfather of Strength and Conditioning” and recognized as one of the Top 100 Most Important College Football Sports Figures of the Century. In 2010, John D. Lukacs of ESPN said “Epley is arguably the single most important individual in the history of strength and conditioning in college athletics.” For his continued dedication to strength and conditioning, Epley was presented the NSCA’s first-ever Lifetime Achievement Award, which was later renamed the Boyd Epley Award for Lifetime Achievement.

Epley returned to Nebraska in October 2014 as the Assistant Athletic Director for Strength and Conditioning and currently oversees the department he originally built.

About Volt Athletics:

Volt Athletics (‘Volt’) provides athletes everywhere with unprecedented access to world-class strength and conditioning. Through cloud-based technology, Volt brings the expertise of professional strength coaches to sports teams around the world, giving coaches and athletes the structure and resources needed to train at an elite level, affordably. Volt Athletics was founded by Dan Giuliani and Trevor Watkins in April 2011 and launched to the public in 2013.

The Volt Athletics Advisory Board is comprised of industry experts who oversee Volt’s revolutionary digital training solutions for athletes and teams. The Advisory Board ensures that Volt training is backed by the latest science and research, utilizing only the safest and most effective training methods.