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Jace Derwin, CSCS, RSCC, is the lead Sport Performance Specialist at Volt Athletics. Part of the Volt team since 2012, Jace is driven to bring professionally built strength training to athletes everywhere. Growing in up North Bend, Washington, he spent his childhood at the weightlifting gym his parents own, training and playing any and every sport.

A hardworking and gifted athlete, Jace played soccer and baseball through high school, and became a dual-sport athlete in soccer and track at Seattle Pacific University, where he earned a B.S. degree in Exercise Science. After college, he immediately earned his CSCS® (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist®) certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Today he not only works in the strength and conditioning world, but also competes in Olympic weightlifting.

Since joining Volt, Jace has been essential to program design and the development of expert content. He manages Volt’s sport-specific programming, works with the Volt family of strength coaches across the nation, and acts as a featured voice on the blog and social media. Jace helps coaches implement Volt programs at both the college and high-school levels, to meet the needs of each specific team and facility.

Expect Jace to bring you the newest trends and research in sport performance, highlight updates to our extensive movement library, and show off some of the extra content available for SAQ, 12- Week Conditioning, and Workout Add-ons. Jace will also share from his personal athletic experience as well, including demos, training tips, and whatever new protein shake he’s making the Volt staff drink. Jace's work has appeared in numerous publications, including the USA Football blog and NSCA Coach journal.

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