Volt & Gatorade Partner to Bring Nutrition and Recovery Resources to the Volt Family


We’re proud to announce that Volt is partnering with Gatorade to bring their industry-leading sports performance nutrition expertise, backed by the Gatorade Sports Science Institute, to our Volt Family. In this endeavor, Volt and Gatorade are teaming up to deliver expert sports nutrition resources and recovery education to coaches and athletes.

So what does this mean for you? 

You will start seeing Gatorade sports nutrition and recovery content integrated into your Volt platform!

It’s well established that intelligent nutrition, hydration, and recovery go hand-in-hand with proper strength and conditioning. For years, coaches in our Volt Family have asked for nutrition and recovery guidance—and we’ve been listening. This collaboration enables Volt to deliver Gatorade’s scientifically backed sports nutrition education through our innovative strength and conditioning technology. 

volt-fueled-by-gatorade-ncenter (1).png

As you know, every set, weight, movement, and training session has a specific purpose in Volt, and we encourage you and your athletes to take the same purposeful approach to fueling and recovery. As we integrate Gatorade into the Volt platform, you’ll have a practical, comprehensive nutrition and recovery resource for you and your athletes. This is a really cool opportunity for you and your athletes to experience Gatorade’s commitment to developing innovative sports fuel solutions firsthand. 

When we founded Volt in 2011, we set out to deliver incredible training to coaches and athletes everywhere. This partnership with Gatorade reflects our shared commitment to athlete health and performance through innovation and marks a new, exciting step for Volt. It’s because of your hard work and dedication to your athletes that we are able to continue achieving these goals. Thank you for everything you do!

If you're not part of the Volt Family, you can join over 100,000 coaches and athletes using Volt's intelligent training system. For more information, click here.

Dan Giuliani, MSAL, CSCS, RSCC is a regular contributor to the Volt blog. He is CSCS-certified, a co-founder of Volt Athletics and an adjunct professor of Sports Performance at the University of Washington.
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