Christye Estes, CSCS, is a Sport Performance Specialist at Volt Athletics. From program design to copywriting to exercise modeling, Christye has her hand in many of Volt's proverbial cookie jars. Excited about making safe strength training methods available to athletes everywhere (especially for girls!), Christye is dedicated to researching new knowledge about strength and conditioning and finding ways to communicate it simply and effectively.

Focused on academics growing up, Christye didn't discover the love of sport and movement until late high school, when she fell in love with distance running. Plagued by injuries through college, she began strength training as a form of rehab — and found that when she spent time in the weight room, she could run faster, longer, and more injury-free than ever before. Intrigued, she became a Certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine in 2012, and is now a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)

Christye is passionate about helping women and girls take ownership in the weight room. And as a former English major, she also serves as Volt's grammar police, ensuring site-wide subject-verb agreement for all. Focusing on topics like mobility, anatomy/physiology, biomechanics, and female sports psychology on the Volt Blog, Christye nerds out on topics like myofascial release and myths about women and strength training. When she's not running, squatting, or cussing out her foam roller, Christye loves eating pizza, playing the ukelele, and cheering for Russell Wilson forever and always.

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