3 Tips to Maximize Your Rest and Recovery

This week, you are transitioning from your regular competitive season and preparing to begin training for the 2016 International Bowl. While you may be eager to hit the weight room hard, save that energy for when your Volt training begins—and use these two weeks to rest, recover, and prepare your body for the work ahead.

1) Reduce Your Training Volume

After all the football you’ve played during the season, your body needs a break—especially before competing at your highest level. You can still strength train this week, but keep the volume low: weights, reps, and sets should all be much lower and easier than normal. Focus on range of motion, not on maxing out in any lift. Save the heavy stuff for just before the championship, when it will translate into on-field performance. 

2) Rest Actively

Take a break from football, but not from all activity. It may seem like a good idea to park yourself on the couch for 8 hours to “rest” your body, but that may actually do you more harm than good. Staying active keeps your muscles loose and primed for performance. Stretching, foam-rolling, and low-intensity cross-training (stationary bike, brisk walk, etc.) are great options for resting actively—and (bonus!) it will give your mind a much-needed mental break and get you psyched for the competition ahead.

3) Eat, Sleep, and Hydrate

Arguably the BEST thing you can do for your body this week is to get enough food, sleep, and water intake. Think of this week as your training foundation: what you do now sets the scene for success in the upcoming weeks of training and competition, and that foundation needs to be rock-solid. Aim to get at least 100 oz of water each day and 8 hours of sleep each night—and eat enough high-quality calories to support your activity and maintain your weight (hello, mashed potatoes!).


Jace Derwin is one of the regular contributors to the Volt blog. He is a CSCS-certified strength coach, the lead Sports Performance Specialist at Volt and a Lift Big Eat Big athlete.
Learn more about Jace and read his other posts | @VoltCoachJace